Windows Prerequisites

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Both WSL and Git Bash have been tested.

Under both of these, Windows-based editors will unfortunately be unable to jump to source. This is a result of the JVM believing the path is /c/Users/User/foo.clj, but your editor looking for C:\Users\User\foo.clj. There is no easy fix for this right now. You can run your editor via WSL if it is terminal based though (e.g. vim / emacs), and that will work!


Everything works under WSL. You will need to install Java and run the Clojure Tools install script inside WSL.


Open your Bash terminal. You can find it by searching "bash" in the Start Menu. Then type the following into the terminal:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install default-jdk

Clojure Tools

  1. Follow the Linux installation instructions at

  2. Test that it works by typing clojure.

  3. You now have a REPL (after some waiting), try (println "Hello, World!").



You will need to install Java onto your host machine. You can download it from ojdkbuild if you don’t have it already.

Clojure Tools

You will need to provide a custom prefix to the Clojure Tools install script. This means that you need to alter the instructions slightly, where they call sudo ./linux-install…​ you should also add -p ~/clojure.

Here’s an example invocation, but ensure to check for the latest version at Clojure’s Getting Started Guide.

Example Invocation
$ sudo ./ -p ~/clojure/

Next you will need to edit your .bashrc with lines like this:

export PATH="$HOME/clojure/bin"

Test that it works by typing source ~/.bashrc followed by clojure. Now you should be presented with a REPL, try your first evaluation: (println "Hello, World!").

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