Lifecycle of an Edge project

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Updating from upstream

In order to access bug fixes and new features, you should periodically update your Edge application.

acme$ ./bin/update-edge
A refactoring occurred around the 18th of March 2019 which requires you to run ./bin/update-edge twice.

Modifying your Edge

Edge is part of your project to allow you to modify it. If you run into a limitation or bug in Edge please report it, but also feel free to modify your local version. One of the reasons JUXT want a cloned Edge, is so we can put in client-specific changes when we don’t have a good idea for a general solution.

When you update, your changes will automatically be merged with those in Edge (you won’t lose your changes). If there’s a conflict during the automatic merge, you will be prompted by git to resolve it.

Depending on where you modify, you may find that there are more or less merge conflicts. Generally, even internally Edge is very stable, so you should not expect too many conflicts.

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