Using the Elastic Beanstalk Quickstart

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It’s very convenient in the early stages of your project to quickly run it in an environment. This guide will give you some information on the example Cloudformation Script provided in Edge.

Creating your Stack

WARN: Following the steps outlined below will incur charges.

The cloudformation template can be found at examples/cloudformation/elasticbeanstalk/stack.yaml in the Edge repository. This template is meant to be modified by you to fit your needs, its a starting point.

You can create a stack with the template using multiple strategies.

Create Stack Strategy 1: The AWS CLI

Use this strategy if you already have your AWS CLI configured. aws configure can be used to configure AWS CLI to setup your profiles if you haven’t already.

$ aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name "$my-stack-name" --parameters ParameterKey=Description,ParameterValue='ACME Todo List Application' ParameterKey=CNAMEPrefix,ParameterValue=acme-todo

Create Stack Strategy 2: Upload the template to the AWS Console

  1. Log in to the AWS Console

  2. Click "Services", then "Cloudformation"

  3. Click "Create Stack" button

  4. Select "Template is Ready"

  5. Select "Upload a template file"

  6. Choose the file examples/cloudformation/elasticbeanstalk/stack.yaml inside of your Edge repository

  7. Follow the rest of the wizard

Produce an Uberjar

To release to Elastic Beanstalk, you will need an uberjar. Please see Producing an Uberjar.

Upload your jar

Monitor the creation of your cloudformation stack from the "Stacks" tab in that service. Once complete, navigate to "Services" > "Elastic Beanstalk".

Click on your newly created Environment. In the overview section there’s an "Upload and Deploy" button, click that. Browse to your created uberjar, and upload it. The version should be something useful to you, you could use an incrementing counter, e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.

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